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Mission Statement

The Society of Mary, Mother of Consolation, is dedicated to the community through a very Christocentric mind set.  We strive to be Christ to all and show them the love of God through our own actions, the sacraments of the church, scripture, and the day to day encounters we have with people.  We look to the cross as a model for our daily lives being reminded that the cross is our salvation. The Society welcomes all men who truly seek Christ.  We do not discriminate against race, sex, sexuality, financial status, or creeds.  You will find that our home is truly for everyone. 

Our Vission

The scriptures tell us that God has rescued and redeemed us from sin and death for one a glorious purpose: to share in in the privilege of ushering in his eternal Kingdom to earth. As the rescued, we will rescue. As the restored, we will restore. As followers, we will extend Christ’s scandalous grace-filled invitation to a world in need.  This is how we live out our mission as a church to follow Jesus every day.


We are a religious community that embraces our Anglican, Celtic, and Catholic roots. We came to order on OCtober 26, 2019. We are welcoming and inclusive of all people. We are members of Celtic Church and a member of the Anglican Free Communion which is part of Christ One, Holy, Catholic, and Apostolic Church. The Celtic Church is made up of the Society of Saint James and the Society of Mary, Mother of Consolation - both Societies work together, share in a monastic way of life but are independent of each other. The Society of Mary, Mother of Consolation is an Apostolic Community of priest, deacons, and brothers who fall under the obedience of their superiors, rules of life, and Canons. We embrace our catholicity but we are not bound by the rules of the Roman Catholic Church or the Pope. We are a group of men that teach true catholicism and true Christianity by our preaching of the gospels and living as true witnesses of Gods merciful love. Our community is established within the Celtic Church to offer Consolation to all those in need and to teach the way of the Apostles and Christ as handed down through the centuries.


We believe in the seven sacraments. Two sacraments given to us by Christ - Baptism and Eucharist and we believe in the five traditional sacraments given to us by the Apostles and early church - Confirmation, Reconciliation, Anointing of the Sick, Matrimony, and Holy Orders.  These seven sacraments can be administered to "ALL" people.


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